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Ka'u Lehua Black Honey | 100% Ka'u Coffee 100% Hawaii Coffees

Sizes7 oz, 5 lb
Whole/GroundsWhole Bean, Drip Grind

Tasting notes: Dates, black currant, tamarind syrup, cedar, leather;
candied flavor, syrupy mouthfeel, aromatic, and lingering intensity.
Origin: 100% Ka'u coffee
Process: Black honey process
Roast: Medium-light

Before milling and roasting, this black honey Ka'u coffee is sticky like caramel corn. That's because the thick pectin from the coffee pulp is sun-dried onto parchment (coffees' outer shell). It's cured onto the parchment for several weeks before it's ready to roast and ship to you.

Black honey processed coffees are notorious for making exceptional espressos because they have a creamy or syrupy mouthfeel, a hint of fruit. They are full-bodied and sweet over having defined clarity.

Of the honey processed coffees, Black honeyed coffees are the most labor-intensive and difficult to perform. Like natural processed coffees, most of the mucilage (a.k.a. coffee pulp) is still intact, meaning that drying times are extended. For a farmer, longer drying times equal more work and more risk.

The trade-off is that this method can bring out an amazing complexity and a depth of flavors.

Recommended brewing: Aeropress, French Press, Americano, Pour Over