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Maui Mokka, medium dark | 100% Maui Mokka 100% Hawaii Coffees

Sizes7 oz, 10 oz, 5 lb
Whole/GroundsWB, Drip

Tasting notes: dense dark chocolate, roasted walnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose; full bodied

Origin: Ka'anapali, Maui Coffee
Varietal: Maui Mokka®

Roast: Medium Dark
Perfect for: single-origin espresso, drip, those with preference for rich, low-acid coffees


With Maui Mokka, you’ll be getting cozy with the tiny heirloom varietal that gave Maui coffee its notoriety, and earned Hawaii's best coffee in 2014.

Mokka is a Maui coffee incredibly well-suited to it's trademarked name: Maui Mokka®. And with these small, elegant beans, you’ll be getting cozy with the 1,000 year-old heirloom strain that gave Maui coffee its notoriety.

It's sometimes assumed that a larger bean size will augment cup quality - the bigger the bean, the better the quality. We haven't found this to be the true. In fact, Mokka is the contrarian of the coffee world: these tiny beans captured the coveted first place in the 2014 Hawaii Cupping Competition, becoming Hawaii's best coffee in commercial division entrants.

This natural process Maui Mokka is produced by harvesting the coffee once it has dried on the tree -- a very different process and result from naturals which are dried on raised screen beds (like our Puna Natural). The results are notes of dense chocolate, rose, and baking spice characteristics.

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"Wanted to let you know how much I love the Maui Mokka. It's everything I've ever wanted in a cup of coffee. My entire kitchen smells of it every morning when I run it through the burr grinder. The time I wait for it to brew in the french press is almost excruciating. Thank you so much for bringing something so wonderful to life and for the opportunity for me to have it in my life." - Kim H., Alabama