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Kona Moon, dark roast | 100% Kona Coffee 100% Hawaii Coffees

Sizes7 oz, 10 oz, 5 lb
Whole/GroundsWB, Drip

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate, hazelnut, graham cracker cookies; smooth and balanced

Origin: Kona District, Big Island
Varietal: typica
Processing: washed

Roast: dark
Perfect for: French press, mokka pot, pour over, aeropress

Suggested brewing: French press. 1g coarse ground coffee to 16g at 200 F water. Add enough water to cover the grounds and let steep/bloom for 30 seconds, then add the remainder of the water (pouring it in a circular motion) and steep for an additional 3:15. Press and enjoy.



For dark coffee lovers, our new dark roast Kona Moon comes from the same farm as our best-selling Kona Bloom. It's a smooth, balanced and sweet Kona coffee with tasting notes of dark chocolate, hazelnut and graham cracker.

Compared with our other dark Hawaiian coffees, Kona Moon is a bit more nutty and smooth, while Darkwood is spicier and Hamakua Stout Heart Dark is heavier.