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Honeyed Peru | Dynamic & Sweet World Specialty Coffees

Sizes7 oz, 10 oz, 5 lb
Whole/GroundsWB, Drip

Tasting notes: White grape, apricot and honey mingle with herbaceous green apple tones

Roast: medium-light Origin: Peru, Amazonas Region


Fair Trade certified, organically grown, honey processed

We've been fans of Peru coffees for a few years now. Many reasons justify the romance and the biggest is because they exhibit dynamic character, just like the people and terrain of Peru itself. Dramatic landscapes range from the tropical climate of its western coastline high up to the Andes range and downward to the eastern lowland of the Amazon basin.

This particular lot was grown and honey processed by the El Palto Cooperative, consisting of 189 members, 40 of whom are women. The coop is located in the Andes of northern Peru.

In the cup, expect sweet yet delicate fruit notes of white grape, apricot and honey mingling with herbaceous green apple tones.