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Espresso Bites Latte Bar Espresso Bites | Hawaii Coffee Bars

SizesSleeve of 18, Case of 180, 5 oz Chopped Samples

Using 100% Hawaiian coffee, skillful roasting and organic milk, this will be a delicious new experience for you: it's a double shot latte in a velvety bar!

✓ 2 espresso shots per bar (90mg natural caffeine)

✓ Organic milk and 100% Hawaiian coffee

✓ 23% less sugar than a 12 oz double latte

✓ Soy free, gluten free, GMO free, oxalate (chocolate) free

✓ High antioxidants

Units: 1.5 oz each

Sleeves: 18 units (4.50 each)

Case: 180 units (4.25 each)

Retail Samples: 5 oz of chopped bites for sampling with your customers.