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Espresso Bites Classic Bar (Vegan) Espresso Bites | Hawaii Coffee Bars

SizesSleeve of 18, Case of 180, 5 oz Chopped Samples

The original Espresso Bites bar tastes smooth, creamy, and slightly sweet with notes of fudge, raisins, caramel and coffee. Enjoy your Espresso break in bites, or melted in hot chocolate for espresso to go!

✓ 3 espresso shots per bar (130mg natural caffeine) from 100% Big Island Coffee

✓ 22% less sugar than a 12 oz double latte

✓ Vegan, chocolate free, soy free, gluten free, non-GMO

✓ High antioxidants

Vegan | 3 Espresso Shots (130mg natural caffeine)

Units: 1.5 oz each

Sleeves: 18 units (4.50 each)

Case: 180 units (4.25 each)

Retail Samples: 5 oz of chopped bites for sampling with your customers.