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Maui Mana, dark | 100% Maui Coffee 100% Hawaii Coffees

Sizes7 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, 5 lb
Whole/GroundsWB, Drip

Tasting notes: Dark chocolate truffles, deep spicy sweetness, pine, all-spice

Farm: Ka'anapali

Varietal: yellow caturra
Processing: washed & natural, dried-in-fruit

Roast: dark
Perfect for: wonderful as a single origin espresso or brewed via french press


If you're familiar with our style of roasting, you know that our dark roasts are a bit lighter than many companies and we prize a high level of natural sweetness in our coffees over most other traits. You'll find that here; It's equally balanced via espresso, french press, with steamed milk, heavy cream, or black. Maui Mana is a suprisingly sweet dark roast with a hint of pine and mint under deep chocolate tones that might remind you of a Girl Scout's Thin Mint cookies.

When bringing on a new coffee, our practice is to taste it several times and let the coffee dictate the roast level instead of us forcing our preferred roast level on a coffee (in other words, while some roasters only do light roasts, and others only do dark roasts, we let the coffee guide based on it's build of sugars, lipids and acids.