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Maui Mellow, medium | 100% Maui Coffee 100% Hawaii Coffees

Sizes7 oz, 10 oz, 5 lb
Whole/GroundsWB, Drip

Tasting notes: Almond biscotti, French vanilla, cinnamon, and honey. Balanced, mellow, and smooth.

Farm: Ka'anapali
Varietal: yellow caturra
Processing: washed & natural, dried-in-fruit

Roast: medium

Perfect for: wonderful as a single origin espresso or brewed via french press.


Our in-house blend of 100% Maui coffees has long been popular with coffee lovers that enjoy a smooth, cookie-like experience from their coffee. Ours has a lower perceived acidity, so you won't get notes of fruit or wine, but you will get notes of vanilla, cocoa powder, baking spices, biscotti/cookies, and nuts.

If you're the type that likes to add creamer to your coffee, the cookie-like origin characteristics will hold up, and even compliment the frothy milk (or oat milk) in your cup.

Anecdotally, with nearly a decade of offering our Maui coffees, we've noticed these are great crowd-pleasers, enjoyed both by specialty coffee aficionados and those who are newly gaining an appreciation for better coffees.

Recommended brewing: single-origin espresso (and espresso-based drinks), cold brew, drip, and French press at a 16:1 ratio.